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Are you a student or university group that wants to publish your research with TheLF? Get in touch today!



  • In order for articles to be considered, we required the following things:

  • Properly referenced. These can be in text or with a reference list. 

  • Over 500 words. Although there is no upper word limit, we ask that the article is concise.

  • If the work includes market analysis, it may be useful to include a relevant chart.

  • Articles below 'good' quality will not be published.


  • The article must belong to a sub-topic that is covered by TheLF.


  • Please read through a few articles to understand our writing style, length, and the topics we cover. 

Our team will examine articles based on these criteria. We are not selective based on nationality or university, and welcome submissions from anybody with an interest in Finance, Economics, Business, Tech or Politics.

TheLF would like to work with a large selection of university groups and students across the world, increasing the exposure of student work and helping them get noticed. By bringing together work from Markets, Companies, and Tech, Economics, Politics, and Opinion, TheLF seeks to create a single location for all students, academics, and professionals to consult. 


Please use the link below to submit your work, attaching a copyright-free picture that may be used on the article. These can be found on Please note that the form will not send a confirmation email. For more information on how to write for TheLF, check out our recent articles, the Writing Guidelines or email us.

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