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The KCL Financing Group - A student-run group revolutionising university life.

By Anthony C. Mannelli & Alisa Stulba, Co-Founders of the KCL Financing Group

Student-run societies have always been at the very heart of university life; whether it be academic or sport, the majority of students at King’s College London actively participate in at least one group. KCL is proud to have over 400 groups & societies run by ambitious and motivated students, some boasting over 6000 members and partnered with top investment banks. However, the problem that all of these societies share is that they’re all under-funded.

Unfortunately, costs of participation are typically imposed on students: members of some sporting societies pay upwards of £1300 per year simply to take part. Although this figure includes fees such as membership, transport, and administrative expenses, additional costs such as uniforms and training ground fees are often not taken into consideration; thus placed back upon society members. This lack of funding is apparent not only in sports but academia too: academic societies are often rendered unable to achieve their goals & ambitions simply because financing has been the limiting factor.

This is exactly where KCL Financing Group comes in. By recognising the need to better structure and support societies, we have built a group dedicated to increasing the finance societies have at King’s College London. Having identified such a financial discrepancy, KCLFG is revolutionising the opportunities available to societies and its members, by enabling them to overcome the ever disabling problem of financing. We truly believe that with such a vibrant community striving towards such ambitious goals, financing shouldn’t be the limiting factor.

How will KCLFG’s financing strategies benefit all members of King’s College London?

By removing one of the key limiting factors societies face, their focus can be placed back onto their activities and day-to-day running. Our goal is to attain an environment that gives societies every possibility to grow, achieve their goals, and provide a fulfilling experience for its members eliminating financial burdens as much as possible.

How do third party financiers benefit?

In utilising structured financial strategies coupled with a dedicated team with industry experience, KCLFG is able to identify and secure financing committee members wouldn’t necessarily have the skillset for. In doing this, we're able to secure more financing for the society, whilst allowing the committee members to fully focus on what’s important to them; their society’s ambitions and members.

How is the work communicated to third party sponsors?

By curating a clear and detailed communications plan, we have identified various topics that are crucial in discussion; some of these include monthly objectives, levels of urgency and more. With a laid out plan on how financing is utilised within each society alongside specialised packages that are offered, sponsors are given full transparency into the whole sponsorship process. You may ask why sponsors would choose to go through us. The answer is immensely clear; the simplicity and efficiency that is received on their end.

How does KCLFG ensure ethical use of financing?

KCL Financing Group was established with the sole aim of benefiting the larger King’s community. The group abides by ethical standards that are subsequently placed upon the societies we represent. Once successful in increasing the finances of a society, structured strategies are put in place in order to ensure a supportive and positive outcome.

This is an exciting time for KCL Financing Group as they strive to grow quickly in the age of COVID-19. Structuring financial agreements has become even harder than in the past, however, has equally offered new opportunities that the team is eager to take advantage of. It’s leadership, under Co-Founders Anthony & Alisa, is poised to revolutionise the opportunities available to societies, whilst growing strong corporate relations with third party financiers. They’re ability to under-cut traditional sponsoring agreements & offer sponsors flexible, customisable and relevant marketing packages, that dramatically increase they’re on-campus exposure and brand awareness, has positioned KCL Financing Group particularly well in its goal to become a fully f inancially independent society, proud to bear the King’s College London name.

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